Who We are

LifePointe Alliance Church is an evangelical community of faith committed to teaching God’s Word and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. We are part of a larger denomination, the Christian & Missionary Alliance, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. Some of our ministries include spiritual growth through Bible study and prayer, community service, evangelism and missions, music, fellowship and social activities. These ministries are developed toward children, youth and adults. We believe in ministry to the whole family. Our approach to ministry is “centered in Christ, growing in grace and speaking the truth in love.”

Our mission

Our mission is to create an environment where people can experience a new beginning in their lives. We seek to do this by

  • Bringing them to faith in Jesus,
  • Involving them in our church family,
  • Developing their spiritual maturity,
  • Equipping them for Christlike service in our community and our world, and by
  • Celebrating God’s presence together.